Moggaro Aluminium Yachts technical staff has extensive experience in the shipping industry. The fact bet on aluminium naval construction is based on a number of advantages:
  •  icon-anchor Increased resistance : It is clear that aluminium is more resistant than fiber. This results in fewer breakdowns (no osmosis problem or cracking), and therefore lower running cost. A collision with a rock or iron low in fiber would mean a total loss and very expensive repair and uncertain. Aluminium, because of its high ductility, it is one of the metals less fracture, and makes no cracking problems. Always tend to deform, not to crack.
  •  icon-anchor  Lighter and therefore less consumption : Aluminium is lighter than the fiber, the difference being greater with increasing the size of the boat. This means less fuel consumption, which can be quantified on a 25% saving in fuel consumption. On the other hand, the boat is lighter so the boat can sail faster with less effort and wear, and therefore the engines perform better and are more durable.
  •  icon-anchor  Lower cost of repair : Repair of aluminium is very simple, similar to the plates of the cars. A bun in the hull can be repaired in just a few hours, cutting and welding a new plate, returning the vessel to its original state with complete assurance of hull strength. In fiber helmets, blow the phenomenon know as cracking complex, and requires partial and very costly repairs that do not guarantee the original strength.
  •  icon-anchor  Increased residual value : Aluminium will no deteriorate with constant exposure to sunlight. Nor suffers from osmosis, and better resists the algae and barnacles fouling when the boat has long inactive. Trailering fissuring affects to fiberglass, but not aluminium. This assumes that after years, aluminium boats maintain their initial conditions, or what is the same, are newer than fiberglass. And so, the resale value is higher, and depreciation, less.
The boats Moggaro are built following the strictest quality controls at runtime. From the design of the boat with CAD-CAM programs, to the process of welding all the parts, the mounting system, that ensures the correct position of the pieces that make up the structure, all processes are clearly identified and defined.
  •  icon-anchor  Design programs allow the exact definition of the parts. After defining all the parts, the files are sent to be cut with CNC machines with high definition plasma. The material used is aluminium 5083 naval H111, an alloy with excellent performance in the marine environment against aggressive as corrosion agents. In fact the alloy is commonly used in shipbuilding for years.
  •  icon-anchor  After receiving the cut pieces are classified following the assembly manual designed by Moggaro for proper placement in the structure. The staff and the organization for the welding of aluminium is highly qualified, having the ISO 9001 quality certificate and AENOR.
  •  icon-anchor  Moggaro technical team monitors the quality of the performance (quality of material, positioning of aluminium pieces, welding, leak testing), for proper finish of the boat.
  •  icon-anchor  Our quality plan, based on controlling all stages of production, from the original design with CAD-CAM programs, reception through the source material cutting the pieces on precision machines, with numerical control, to the placement and welding of the pieces that make up the structure, including hull leak testing allows us to offer a product with a full warranty for navigation. The intrinsic nature of aluminium, with the latest special alloys prepared for the marine environment (5083 and 5086) and resistant to corrosion, give us full assurance that the product we deliver is of the highest quality and durability.